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The Granite-52 speakers and Granite-10D subwoofer – part of the new ROCK-on outdoor speaker series, are specifically designed to imitate a rock appearance and easily blend in with any outdoor environment.

Made with UV treated, weather-resistant enclosure materials and durable epoxy resin construction, the ROCK-on speakers can withstand the demanding outdoor elements.

Granite-52 is a pair of rock speakers with a 5 ¼ inch woofer and a ½ inch tweeter. They serve as your left and right speakers and have an amazing frequency response that is unmatched by any other rock speaker. They produce a clean, accurate sound.

The ROCK-on subwoofer, the Granite-10D, features high power crossovers that reduce distortions and deliver pure sound. Also, Granite-10D’s port is “S” shaped so water cannot get trapped inside. The Granite-10D brings bass to your outdoor space, something that is greatly needed in today’s rock speaker market. Combined with the Granite-52 speakers which have a matching finish, you can turn any backyard into an entertainment center.


Wiring Options

Earthquake Sound’s XJ-300FR Stereo amplifier can be used for your ROCK-ON 2.1 system. In tri-mode wiring the user can connect the 2 channel stereo and the mono at the same time. The subwoofer connection below demonstrates a series wiring formula which has a load impedance of 8-Ohm.

To simplify the wiring process, use Earthquake Sound’s SWAT 2.4 Wireless Transceiver

1.Connect the rock speakers and subwoofer to the XJ-300FR amplifier as shown above.

2. Connect the SWAT 2.4 Receiver to the XJ-300FR amplifier through the RCA inputs.

3. Connect the SWAT 2.4 Transmitter to any music player that has a mini jack or RCA output.

Note: Make sure both the Transmitter and the Receiver are connected to a power source, either through the DC power supply or the USB port.

Priced and sold per piece.


  • Model nr.: GRANITE-10D


  • EAN.: 0068975900190


  • Subwoffer: 10″
  • Long excursion : > 2″
  • Voice Coil: 2 coils, each with 2″ diameter
  • RMS Power Rating: 20 – 200 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz – 100kHz
  • Sensitivity: 92dB
  • Impedance: 2 x 4-Ohms
  • Built in Crossover: 2 coils at 5 mH
  • Enclosure: 15mm epoxy resin
  • Dimensions (H-W-D): 356 mm x 470 mm x 546 mm
  • Finish: Granite rock finish



GRANITE-10D Manual

GRANITE-10D Cut Sheet

GRANITE-10D Product Release