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  • ECS-6D_01_large
  • ecs-6d_02
  • ecs-6d_03
  • ecs-6d_04
  • ecs-6d_05
  • ecs-6d_06
  • ecs-6d_07
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Edgeless speakers

All the excellence of the Edgeless line! Now in a single point dual input stereo speaker. Enjoy rich stereo sound from just one speaker.

The Edgeless series of In-Wall & In-Ceiling speakers are the perfect union of aesthetics and performance. Graceful, timeless design blends seamlessly into any decor adding an aura of elegance.

Built entirely without compromise using exclusive materials and designed to last a lifetime. Space Age polymer chassis, silk tweeters and ballistic grade black kevlar cones ensures high quality and extended durability.

Until now frameless speakers have traded performance for aesthetics due to reduced speaker depth inherent to frameless designs. Our dedicated engineers have now overcome these limitations using core patented Earthquake technology. An advanced fusion of XLT-geometry and SWS (Shallow Woofer System) technology unveil a performance level previously thought impossible from this type of speaker.

To ensure perfect integration in any room the Edgeless series have +/- 3dB adjustment switches to tailor the acoustics and magnetically removable paintable grills for color matching.

Turn your living space into a luxury audio salon, equally suited for high end audio or all out home theater. Enjoy the discreet confidence of audio excellence offered by the Edgeless Series

Optional Square Grill SG-CS6


Optional Wood Back Box for installing In-Ceiling Speakers

Priced and sold per piece.


  • Frameless design for reduced visibility/seamless blend
  • Low mass stiff kevlar cone bodies for a very smooth, accurate and detailed sound reproduction
  • Two 1″ (25mm) silk dome NEO swiveling tweeters
  • Dual voice coil woofer
  • Dipole/Bipole modes
  • Surround / DVC modes
  • ± 3dB bass and treble controls
  • 12 dB/Octave filter network crossover with polyswitch protection
  •  Gold plated, spring loaded terminals
  •  Easy to use Turn ‘N’ Lock installation mechanism
  •  Magnetically attached and paintable grilles
  • *Optional* Square Grill
  • *Optional* Wood Back Box suitable for installing In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Not suitable in areas with high humidity.


  • Model : ECS-6D
  • EAN.: 0 068975900817
  • Sensitivity: 87dB @ 1W/1M
  • Low mass stiff kevlar cone body
  • Power Handling : 350W Max
  • Frequency Response 40Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 8-Ohm (in Dipole Mode) / 4 Ohm (in Bipole Mode)
  • Enclosure Material/ Type: Impact resist ABS Plastic
  • Driver components: Two way system – one 6.5″ (165mm) low mass stiff kevlar cone midbass + two 1″ silk dome swiveling NEO tweeters



ECS-6D Manual

ECS-6D Product Release

ECS-6D CutSheet