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Welcome to Earthquake Sound

For over 27 years, Earthquake Sound has been producing a variety of high quality audio products that have impressed the audiophile communities throughout the world. From mobile audio to prosound to home audio, Earthquake Sound was selected as the winner of many prestigious awards based on sound quality, performance, value and features. Additionally, Earthquake has been granted many design patents by the USPO for audio designs that have revolutionized the audio industry.

Engineered by audiophiles for audiophiles, Earthquake speakers are meticulously crafted to reproduce each and every single note perfectly, bringing your home theater experience to life. With true dedication and full attention to details, our engineers continuously develop new and better products to meet consumers’ needs and go beyond their expectations.

Suffice to say that Earthquake Sound strives to provide consumers with the highest quality products at affordable prices without any compromise.

Earthquake Sound UK

Our Vision

Who We Are

Electrolounge Limited is the exclusive UK Distributor of Earthquake Sound Home Audio. We welcome dealer applications if you are interested in trade accounts, simply contact us via the website.

Become a Dealer

We are always looking to work directly with reputed custom installers, professionals and retailers. If you have a business and would like to become our dealer then please drop us a line on sales@earthquakesounds.co.uk

Trade Accounts

If you are an Architect, Interior Designer, Retailer or a Professional who wants to specify our products in their projects then please get in touch via the website or simply email sales@earthquakesounds.co.uk

Our Awards

Our Awards

  • 2010 CES Innovations Award: Couch Potato: CP8
  • 2009 EXC!TE Award: Couch Potato: CP8
  • 2009 Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity- Small Subwoofers: MKVI 10″
  • 2009 Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity- Small Audio Systems with iPod Dock: iQuake-52
  • 2008 CES Innovations Award- Audio Accessories: Quake 10.0 Tactile Transducer
  • 2008 EXC!TE Award: Quake 10.0 Tactile Transducer
  • 2007 Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity- Shakers: Quake 10.0
  • 2006 Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity- Shakers: Quake 10.0
  • 2006 Home Theater Rave Award: Cinénova Grande 7
  • 2004 CES Innovations Award- Mobile Accessories: Subzero 10″ Subwoofer
  • 2003 Stereophile’s Guide to Home Theater, Editor’s Choice Platinum Award: Supernova MKV-15″
  • 2000 CES Innovations Award: 4 Channel Phase Shift Controller and Signal Inverter PHASE-4
  • 1998 CES Innovations Award: IW-803 In-Wall Speaker System
  • 1997 Winter CES Innovations Award: 4300 TXO Power Amplifier
  • 1996 Winter CES Innovations Award: IQ-400 Audio Amplifier
  • 1995 Winter CES Innovations Award: PA-6050C
  • 1993 Summer Innovations Award: EQ-3200 Equalizer
  • 1993 Summer CES Innovations Award: EQ-5000P/CR-320
  • 1993 Summer CES Innovations Award: PA-4050C Amplifier
Engineered in the USA
Design Patents owned by Earthquake
Award Winning Brand

Dealer Benefits


Free delivery on all orders above £500 for all dealersCREDIT FOR DEALERS

Introducing our Credit Builder Program for Dealers spending a minimum of £2,500 per month which offers a credit limit of 20% for every purchase. Dealers will be assessed for credit based on the purchases made every month. e.g. If you purchased £5000 worth of speakers in August 2014, your credit limit in September would be £1000 and if you buy the same amount in September then your credit limit will increase to £2000 in October. The more you purchase from us, the more credit you receive (subject to status and checks).CREDIT CARDS PAYMENTS AND PAYPAL ACCEPTED

We understand that BACS is not the preferred method for some dealers and sometimes you may need to tap into the credit limit of your credit cards, so we have added more payment methods for you. You will now be able to make payments with your credit card via Paypal and also pay us via Paypal if you like. However please note that therefore is small charge of 3.4% that paypal charges for using this payment method which we will need to pass onto you.


We know that as a Custom Installer you only get paid in stages so we are happy to change our ways we do business with you to align with your payments. Please talk to us for individual projects and we can discuss partial payments for all orders above £2,500. e.g. To secure the stock you only need to pay 20% upfront, 50% 1 week before dispatch and remaining 30% you can pay 30 days after the delivery (subject to status and prior approval. This will not account towards your credit builder status).


Electrolounge Limited has teamed up with Plus Finance Limited to provide finance for all our dealers. You are allowed to INCLUDE EVERYTHING in this finance including all Earthquake Products, Control / Automation equipment, IT equipment, office furniture etc. We have also negotiated for you to be able to lease for your business. Please see frequently asked questions here.

Although Plus Finance are keen to lend for Commercial projects only, we may be able to discuss finance for large residential projects on a case by case basis.

All our dealers benefit from free demo loans to test our products, 10% off trade discount for buying demo equipment (one product per line only) and also support with specifications for their projects.


Our Values